Saturday, 1 March 2014

Inside Out - Lauren Dane - the Brown Siblings

Inside Out isn't exactly a 'Brown' story but it's close enough. 

Ella and Cope have been circling each other for years. Cope - Ben's younger brother - has had a crush on Ella fsince she first started working at Erin's cafe. We learn of Ella in Laid Bare (read about it here).  Ella is attacked by her ex who controlled her in every way an then violently stalked her after she ended her relationship with him. After years of physical therapy and rebuilding her life and her independence, Ella is finally ready to move on. She's about to graduate and hoping to start a new job in her field but she still struggled with scars - mental and physical.

Cope's finally done waiting and makes his move. He takes it slow and coaxes Ella out of her shell. 

She discovers some secrets about him and is wooed by the former ladies man.

Cope has to deal with the family drama and the estrangement between his father and brother.  He also has a hard time fighting his former playboy reputation. Erin's pregnancy is progressing well and there are lots of little announcements at the end of the book! 

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