Saturday, 8 March 2014

Rock Bottom - RK Lilley - Danika and Tristan part 2

I've already mentioned I love RK Lilley's work. When I started reading Bad Things, I thought it would be a standalone and then when Rock Bottom came out I thought it was a 2-part but when I realised it was actually a trilogy, I didn't bother reading Rock Bottom. Not because I was upset or annoyed with the author, I just couldn't bear waiting for the 3rd part to be released and I knew that I would be stewing over however the book would end.

So with the imminent release of Lovely Trigger (only 2 days to go!!!), I decided it was time to reread the books. 

Rock Bottom: 2 (Tristan & Danika) is a a story about just that - hitting rock bottom. Tragedy after tragedy along with the strain of distance breaks apart a strong relationship but by bit. Danika gives her everything to Tristan.

Both are jealous personalities and there is so much pain behind each of them.

Danika and Tristan secretly elope but the distance growing between them just worsens. Tristan turns more and more to alcohol and drugs to numb the pain of the loss of his brother. Danika tries to help but in the end she is pulled down with him. She finds out she is pregnant and they are over the moon. But tragedy strikes again and Danika loses the baby - a boy. Quickly followed by another loss, Leticia, Tristan's estranged mother who blames him for Jared's death, commits suicide. 

Danika reconnects with her long-lost sister, 19-year-old Dahlia, who it turns out has been hanging around Tristan's band. She shocks Danika by telling her she knows who their father is and that she is also pregnant. She clearly has a huge crush on Tristan and makes some intriguing comments to Danika. 

We did out a little bit more about Danika and her Domme lifestyle as well as the beginning of a relationship with Estella (not sure if this is a long- term relationship for them). We also get a glimpse of the infamous James Cavendish. 

Just when you think things can't get worse, Danika gives Tristan an ultimatum and Tristan returns signed divorce papers. Danika finds out she's pregnant again ad goes to see Tristan but he is too angry and sends her home with his bastard friend Dean. Tragedy strikes again and there is a crash that leaves Danika irreparably damaged. This part broke my heart. How many blows can one person take - repeatedly.  There is light, Dahlia has her baby, a boy, and she tells Danika the father was Dean, who had died trying to kidnap and rape Danika. The sisters reconnect.  Tristan hits rock bottom and the only way is up now, he goes to rehab. 

This is a darker story than Bad Things and I found myself not wanting to read the train wreck that was coming but also not being able to stop. I had planned to read the books over 5 days so I would be ready just in time for Lovely Trigger with no waiting, but I failed and now have to wait 2 whole days without a book!! However will I survive? ;)

Rock Bottom: 2 (Tristan & Danika)

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