Monday, 17 March 2014

Interview with a Master - Jason Luke

I was intrigued when I saw this new BDSM novel, written by a man! Who knows what insight it would bring? 

So I picked it up and started reading. 

There was not much emotion and being written from a man/Master's point of view completely, made for an interesting read. 

I got about halfway through before I realised that there is no way that this could be a stand alone and I didn't remember seeing anything about there being a continuation, at which point I somewhat lost interest. There are some intriguing mysteries which I knew wouldn't be answered and if they were they wouldn't be done to my satisfaction. But I persevered and was pleasantly surprised. There are some interesting statements made about men and women and the BDSM world:

"Anticipation is more potent than a whip"

"Husbands across the country have to up their game"

Also some similarities to Fifty Shades... Leticia drives an old banger... She is young and inexperienced... She is curious...

Jonah... Well he doesn't believe he is capable of love, he is rich and has some discontent towards his father, he was taken in by an older woman who taught him about dominance and submission.. Sound familiar? A little Grey influence there. 

There definitely is an option for a second part and after googling a bit, I found that there will in fact be a "Part 2". 

All in all an interesting read. 

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