Friday, 7 March 2014

Bad Things - RK Lilley - Tristan and Danika's story part 1

I love RK Lilley's stories. They are filled with heartache and a soul deep all-encompassing love. Up in the Air is one of my favorite books and touches lightly on the story of Danika and Tristan. It's all very mysterious and I've wanted to know the background since reading snippets about them.

Danika is a 21yr old living as a 'nanny'/ mother's helper with her boss and friend in Vegas. Her boss's husband brings home stray musicians all the time and that is how she meets Trystan.  They are both damages and know they want opposite things but the lure is too strong and they give in. Even with their intense jealousies of each other's exes, they manage to always end up together. They are polar opposites: one eager to love and the other afraid of the word. Danika has an abusive past and an estranged sister who she hasn't seen in 4 years. She grows close to Trystan and his brother Jared and she finds the family she was missing in them. Trystan and Danika explore their dominant and submissive sides but each has an addictive nature - with different addictions. 

In the end, tragedy strikes and Trystan loses his baby brother to their wild lifestyle. How will Trystan and Danika move on? 

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