Sunday, 2 March 2014

Never Enough - Lauren Dane - Brown Siblings

This is the final Brown Sibling's story but not the last in the series. Have to day, this is my favorite of the series. This couple fought and overcame and weren't perfect but made it work. 

Adrian Brown - world famous rock star lives life in his own little private circle. He sticks to his favorite haunts and his favorite people and doesn't let anyone else in. His the go-to favourite uncle of all the Brown children and he feels like he is missing out.  Until Gillian shows up with a surprise - his 13-year-old son, Miles.

Gillian and Adrian clash at first but then sparks fly and they end up in bed. Their relationship grows and they find out each other's flaws and tainted pasts. But as always, love overcomes. 

We also meet a whole slew of new characters who seem fiesty and intriguing. 

This book had what the others missed, a little angst and disruption. Not everything was smooth and hunky dory which made it my favorite of the series so far. 

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