Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Drawn Together - Lauren Dane - Brown family

So I think I should have read the spin-off series before reading Drawn Together. It's moved on a bit from Never Enough and there were lots of characters that had been skimmed over in Never Enough. 

You can also see a growth in the writer that is fantastic. 

This is the mysterious Raven's story. She is a beautiful wild child who has no roots and doesn't want to settle. She comes across as a straight talking notch but deep down she has a horrible scarred past.  Erin and Brody see the fragile person she is and protect her as much as they can. 

Raven meets Jonah, a successful lawyer from a wealthy family and agrees to give him a large tattoo of a wolf on his back. 

Jonah is a divorced single father who has a dominant side which brings out Raven's submissiveness. He fights to get her to open up and she grows with him. There is high society name calling with the ex and a messed up wife of one of Jonah's brothers. There is also some family drama that Raven deals with amazingly since she considers herself feral. We see a lot of growth and maturity in Raven and we find out about her messed up past and what makes her the way she is. We see her soft side and Jonah's good heart that protects her when she needs it. 

Definitely a good read. 

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