Friday, 28 February 2014

Coming Undone - Lauren Dane - The Brown Siblings

This is Brody's story. Erin and Aidan's older brother and guardian. Brody gave up art school to take care of his siblings when their parents died. 

He is a sought-after tattoo artist and a homing beacon for his siblings. Responsible, bad-ass, protective and caring. He's been in love with Raven, a free spirit, for so long but her lack of commitment has made for a strained relationship. He's had so much responsibility in his young life that he shies from it now. 

One day he's calling collecting his mail when he's hit by a car that runs off. He sees an 'angel' telling him he will be ok - his new single mom neighbour.  Elise is a former ballerina who has had a violent past.  She moves to Seattle to escape her  in-laws who have been trying to interfere in her custody of their only grandchild. 

Erin's parents also move to be closer to her and Rennie, her daughter. Erin and Brody start off as friends with benefits which turns into a beautiful relationship. 

There's a custody battle, a jealous ex and even a very brief misunderstanding. In the end, it all works out and everyone is happy. 

We get a brief update on Erin, Todd and Ben who are trying for a baby and trying to smooth things over with their families. 

All in all a more realistic relationship and I definitely see the author's growth from the first book 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Laid Bare - Lauren Dane - Brown Siblings

Erin and Todd are from different worlds but they connect deep down. Not to mention on a dom/sub level. Todd's misconceptions about what is expected from him cause him to make a big mistake and walk away from Erin because it isn't what he thinks is 'right'.  10 years later they reconnect and pick up where they left off but with some soul deep damage they have to overcome.  Add into that Ben, Todd's childhood friend and business partner, who is invited into a threesome with them that becomes permanent.  It's a nice story but annoyingly perfect. The men are always putting Erin first and make no mistakes.  It was a fantasy but not te kind you would expect.  There are several exes always wanting to check out the competition and wanting them back. The ex wanting what's best for the old flame and just being in town on short notice and wanting to meet up and then backing off.  It was all a bit repetitive. No confusion about feelings. No misconceptions or mistakes. Anything that goes wrong they quickly fix. It was a little unrealistic. Do real people in real relationships behave so perfectly? There's some angst with the family but it's brushed over. Wonder if the next book will be deeper. 

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A True Gentleman...

The Arrangement 14 - HM Ward - Sean Ferro series

I have to say HM Ward has some interesting stories and concepts.

Sometimes I read the latest Arrangement and think "this is crap, why am I reading this? I need to get a life" but then I can't put it down. She is the queen of suspense-filled cliff hangers. 
There's a little extra information in each instalment. 

Now if you haven't read the last 13 books, STOP HERE!! Serious SPOILERS!!!!

Part 14 shows that Sean putting Avery in the box was an "arrangement" with Miss Black to try to save Avery. Miss Black (not me!!!) then throws us by offering Avery a job as a 'madam' with her own girls (think pimp ;) ) 

Sean makes things right by calling his alleged fiancé and proving that it's a set up to improve his public image. 

Sean was also engaged to Miss Black before he married Amanda and is the "only regret" that Miss Black mentioned previously.  We also find that the last girl Sean 'did' in a box ended up in a mental facility.  It's all so screwed up and unbelievable but I still can't stop reading! 

Avery turns to Marty for advice and Amber, Avery's room mate, has found out about Avery's extra-curricular activities and shares them with the dorm.

Marty and Avery make a pact that if no one wants Avery, Marty will be her 'plan B', marry her and live in a house with a white picket fence and a dog named Bob. 

Avery meets Sean to try to trick the murderer again but finds Amber in her room - shot in the head. Naked guy is in Avery's bed - also shot. 

Their Virgin Captive - Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

This is part of a series of books written by Lexi Blake and Shayla Black. Two great writers. 

Kinley is from old money but her mother passed away and her father is sick and has no insurance. Her sister is a bitter socialite and Kinley's charity to clothe the homeless isn't doing so great. So she agrees to marry Greg - a rich exporter who offers to take over all her debts and donate $50million to her charity.  But there's a catch - she doesn't love him - and he's sure he doesn't love her. 

Just hours before her wedding, she finds herself kidnapped by 3 brothers, thanks to her best friend Annabelle, who has been trying to warn her about Greg. 

She ends up falling for all 3 of her captors and learns some harsh truths about her family who she was prepared to sacrifice her life for. 

Have to say my favorite was the doggy romance between Kinley's dog, Gigi, and Butch! 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Dungeon Royale - Lexi Blake - masters and mercenaries

Damon Knight has recovered from being shot in the chest by his closest friend. As he lay in a pool of his blood, his thoughts are of sweet Penelope who he never asked to lunch or a date. Now that he is recovered, he's going after Baz and the Collective who tried to kill him. He brings in the McKay-Taggart team to conduct a mission on an adult-themed cruise where he needs someone to pose as his submissive. Penelope is offered the job but she's hesitant. She's not submissive, or so she thinks. Damon decided to train the quiet beautiful girl who thinks she is fat and let's people walk all over her.

Baz threatens Penelope and Damon vows to protect her at all costs.  Lots of shooting, visiting some interesting European destinations and in the end, a HEA. 

The next book will be Simon and Chelsea's story and a novella of Derek and Karina before that. 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Unconditional - Lexi Blake - Masters and Mercenaries

Im a big fan of the Masters and Mercenaries series by Lexi Blake. I also have a goldfish memory! So I can't remember what happened in the last books hence the reason behind this blog.

Unconditional is about Ashley - Jillian's younger sister. She is a teen mom who finds herself pregnant thanks to her first boyfriend. Ashley and Jill are from the poor side of town and are brought up by their single mom after their dad walks out on them.  Ashley works at Sanctum, the BDSM club run by Ian Taggart. The Taggarts become Ashley's BDSM parents and push her into a contract to learn about submission with Jillian's husband's investor friend, Keith. Keith is an emotionally closed off Dom who has a secret and devastating past. 

A couple of hot scenes and a scary stalker Private Investigator result in a happily very after where the Dom finally opens up his heart to love again. 

Friday, 21 February 2014

Bound - Lorelei James - new Mastered series

I love Lorelei James. Her Rough Riders series is one of my favourites. All those brothers and their cowboy ways. Tough but soft and the way they treat their women... Swoon...

So I was looking forward to rich characters and lots of emotion like those cowboys.  A little tying up thrown in and a little control. All good. But I'm sad thatBound  just didn't leave me happy. I was thrown at the end that this was a 2-part with no HEA and that I was left in suspense at the end. It's not Lorelei James' usual style.  I didn't fall in love with either main characters. They just felt a little emotionally-lacking. The tough rich Dojo master felt cold. It felt like Amery needed to get over herself a bit. I almost wanted to shake her and say "come on".  The twist in the end came at an odd point - almost like it was meant to drag the story out. The dark side of Ronin and his past/family drama just seemed off. Is he a murderer? Does he deal drugs? It's intriguing but not in an "OMG I need to know kind of way".  The sex is almost off the charts and I liked the BDSM side but it also felt like Amery trusted Ronin a bit too fast and there are too many doubts in her head. Also, what shitty friends she has. It's a unique storyline, Sensei meets average girl. But she seems a little too naive and he felt like a bad guy.  He seems to overpower her and she knows nothing about him.  He seems manipulative and it feels like she shouldn't trust him but she does.  The Dojo posse also feel awkward. Like a secret cult.  Amery seems to grow in the duration of the story but not enough. 

I will read the next part in the series and hope the characters grow more. I hope Lorelei can pull the story together too.

To preorder Unbound, part 2 of the mastered Series, see link below.


Once in a lifetime - Jill Shalvis - Lucky Harbor 9

I love Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbour series. It's warming and romantic and yes it's full of alpha men.

This story didn't have her usual heat factor but Ben is (like all Jill's alphas) HOT! 

Aubrey is the town bitch but this story shows her trying to make amends and right the wrongs she has done. Of course her hardest wrong to make right involves Ben. The story winds around the usual male fear of commitment and also Aubrey's self doubts. Shows some insight into the reasons why she did so many things and also shows her softer side. Ben also has a soft side and it compliments his alpha-ness making him the perfect man. He overcomes his fear of losing someone else he loves and also gives some insight into the life he has led since becoming a young widower. A sweet story with lots of funny moments involving Lucky Harbor's favorite resident and match maker: Lucille.