Sunday, 23 February 2014

Dungeon Royale - Lexi Blake - masters and mercenaries

Damon Knight has recovered from being shot in the chest by his closest friend. As he lay in a pool of his blood, his thoughts are of sweet Penelope who he never asked to lunch or a date. Now that he is recovered, he's going after Baz and the Collective who tried to kill him. He brings in the McKay-Taggart team to conduct a mission on an adult-themed cruise where he needs someone to pose as his submissive. Penelope is offered the job but she's hesitant. She's not submissive, or so she thinks. Damon decided to train the quiet beautiful girl who thinks she is fat and let's people walk all over her.

Baz threatens Penelope and Damon vows to protect her at all costs.  Lots of shooting, visiting some interesting European destinations and in the end, a HEA. 

The next book will be Simon and Chelsea's story and a novella of Derek and Karina before that. 

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