Thursday, 27 February 2014

Laid Bare - Lauren Dane - Brown Siblings

Erin and Todd are from different worlds but they connect deep down. Not to mention on a dom/sub level. Todd's misconceptions about what is expected from him cause him to make a big mistake and walk away from Erin because it isn't what he thinks is 'right'.  10 years later they reconnect and pick up where they left off but with some soul deep damage they have to overcome.  Add into that Ben, Todd's childhood friend and business partner, who is invited into a threesome with them that becomes permanent.  It's a nice story but annoyingly perfect. The men are always putting Erin first and make no mistakes.  It was a fantasy but not te kind you would expect.  There are several exes always wanting to check out the competition and wanting them back. The ex wanting what's best for the old flame and just being in town on short notice and wanting to meet up and then backing off.  It was all a bit repetitive. No confusion about feelings. No misconceptions or mistakes. Anything that goes wrong they quickly fix. It was a little unrealistic. Do real people in real relationships behave so perfectly? There's some angst with the family but it's brushed over. Wonder if the next book will be deeper. 

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