Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Arrangement 14 - HM Ward - Sean Ferro series

I have to say HM Ward has some interesting stories and concepts.

Sometimes I read the latest Arrangement and think "this is crap, why am I reading this? I need to get a life" but then I can't put it down. She is the queen of suspense-filled cliff hangers. 
There's a little extra information in each instalment. 

Now if you haven't read the last 13 books, STOP HERE!! Serious SPOILERS!!!!

Part 14 shows that Sean putting Avery in the box was an "arrangement" with Miss Black to try to save Avery. Miss Black (not me!!!) then throws us by offering Avery a job as a 'madam' with her own girls (think pimp ;) ) 

Sean makes things right by calling his alleged fiancĂ© and proving that it's a set up to improve his public image. 

Sean was also engaged to Miss Black before he married Amanda and is the "only regret" that Miss Black mentioned previously.  We also find that the last girl Sean 'did' in a box ended up in a mental facility.  It's all so screwed up and unbelievable but I still can't stop reading! 

Avery turns to Marty for advice and Amber, Avery's room mate, has found out about Avery's extra-curricular activities and shares them with the dorm.

Marty and Avery make a pact that if no one wants Avery, Marty will be her 'plan B', marry her and live in a house with a white picket fence and a dog named Bob. 

Avery meets Sean to try to trick the murderer again but finds Amber in her room - shot in the head. Naked guy is in Avery's bed - also shot. 

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