Friday, 28 February 2014

Coming Undone - Lauren Dane - The Brown Siblings

This is Brody's story. Erin and Aidan's older brother and guardian. Brody gave up art school to take care of his siblings when their parents died. 

He is a sought-after tattoo artist and a homing beacon for his siblings. Responsible, bad-ass, protective and caring. He's been in love with Raven, a free spirit, for so long but her lack of commitment has made for a strained relationship. He's had so much responsibility in his young life that he shies from it now. 

One day he's calling collecting his mail when he's hit by a car that runs off. He sees an 'angel' telling him he will be ok - his new single mom neighbour.  Elise is a former ballerina who has had a violent past.  She moves to Seattle to escape her  in-laws who have been trying to interfere in her custody of their only grandchild. 

Erin's parents also move to be closer to her and Rennie, her daughter. Erin and Brody start off as friends with benefits which turns into a beautiful relationship. 

There's a custody battle, a jealous ex and even a very brief misunderstanding. In the end, it all works out and everyone is happy. 

We get a brief update on Erin, Todd and Ben who are trying for a baby and trying to smooth things over with their families. 

All in all a more realistic relationship and I definitely see the author's growth from the first book 

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