Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tart - Lauren Dane - delicious/Brown family

This is the 2nd part of the Briwn family spinoff series.  The story if Juliet - better known as Jules, Gillian's close friend. 

The full length story is about Jules and how she decides to stop waiting for Calvin Whaley - her high school crush and best friend to make a move. She's 33 and moving on - with Gideon.  The hot cowboy who has come home tohelp his grandfather run his farm.  What happens next is unexpected. Given and Cal are both bisexual and when Cal decides he's going to go after Jules and steal her from Gideon, Gideon asks him to join their relationship instead. 

They struggle with insecurities and family problems. Mainly Jules' family are pricks and she has to else to stand upto them. 

We also get to enjoy Gillian and Adrian's wedding, a true rock n roll affair and get a hint of what's to come inte next story - Mary and Damien. 

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