Saturday, 5 April 2014

Unwound - Lorelei James - the Mastered Series

Your SEO optimized title page contents So after being left at a cliffhanger a la 50 shades, I had to pick up Unwound to find out what happened.

It took me a long time to read this because it just didn't hold my interest. I wasn't motivated to keep reading. 

I love Lorelei James' cowboy books. There is a strong storyline and amazing intense characters. This book had no real storyline. No real transformation of characters. Yes. Amery becomes a bit more open minded and stands up for herself but seriously she needed to do that a long time ago.  Ronin also became a little Less hard-headed. 

This really lacked a storyline. Lots of surprises and rope bondage, which wasn't really my thing, 

I would have liked to have read more about Shiori and the family but that may come in future books. It felt unfinished and like the author suddenly realised in the last few chapters that she had spent so much time on the bondage scenes that she needed to suddenly tie up all the other loose ends. 

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